A society of induced mental illness 

Mankind’s development in the current climate of social and economic status has created an environment which has become dissolved into image through variations of masks, outfits and screens.

We are a nation, country and world of people lost in a system many of whom are clawing themselves out.

Throughout the ages we have benefited from a world of innovative technologies and techniques to make our survival as Human-beings easier, safer and systematic.

The TV bought us the ability to see into a world where people would become puppets for out entertainment. The Internet bought the revolution of communication which was coordinated with the telephone again it’s function to connect. However it was soon established that these two resources enabled a power to navigate the whereabouts of the masses…. either on the phone or in front of the TV. 

It has become more apparent to me as I have seen social dynamics change rather dramatically from when I was a kid in the early born in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s ‎to find that not only have the technological advances which have all been created to connect us…(remember I’m talking about a digital connection) which has the sole function to detach us from our human instincts of connecting with another human (and I am not just talking about a sexual encounter, I am discussing the chemical and spiritual connection of the human souls in presence of one and other). A phenomenon which pre-dates technology by the way.

Are you still with me here?

Now without a soul, who are we… What are we? 
When a human does something bad like lie, cheat, steal, kill or do something which is against (what is called) morality, the usual sensation is to feel guilt or some emotion which doesn’t feel particularly nice. On some level we can all relate to experiencing a sensation of guilt.

The laws of nature depict that one must not kill because it is evil and unjust, so naturally you would feel negative emotions. Similarly, if you were to witness such a travesty, you would feel negative sensations which would bring dark emotions to you…. 

Stay with me I’m going somewhere with this…

On a daily basis, in the century which we call the 21st where connection through digital means is literally limitless: Should you really need to, you can ‘connect‘ with anyone in the world at any given moment and convey any message you wish for it to be received immediately if not imminently by the receptor. We are as a result of access, bombarded with messages on what, where, how and occasionally answers through movies which outline the systems which have been created to distract us from the white noise which is around us.

Apps, games and all sorts of distractions to take our attention away from our souls and morality and to strip humankind of its natural instinct.

 to cause someone to experience something, usually an emotion or a pain, less strongly than before:Seeing too much violence on television can desensitize people to it.
noun [U] (UK usually desensitisation) UK  US   /diˌsen.sɪ.taɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/

Desensitisation is a simple principle and as described in the Cambridge dictionary, is a cause and it’s effect is to reduce the emotion which comes from over exposure of a certain action, it can even be in the form of desensitisation of taste, sound, feeling, emotion, habit and acceptance. In essence it is a cause to create the effect of inability, to immobilise and disarm humankind from its natural instinct which is to defend, question, fix and resolve… for safety, love, survival, morality which are things that stem from something which I see less and less of… compassion and concern for the wider world.

The screens all around us are tools to utilise all kinds of distractions which keep us in check with the systematic requirement to plug in with no time to disconnect. From work; which forms the biggest proportion of the day and is the biggest tool to exhaust us and condition us into systematic behaviour,(again remember this conditioning is done at school and from an extremely early age pre-determined even at birth) to the evening when we come home “disconnect” and watch TV only to be showered with messages right into your subconscious where it festers into attitudes and behaviour.


four main symptoms are associated with a psychotic episode are:

  • hallucinations
  • delusions
  • confused and disturbed thoughts
  • lack of insight and self-awareness
We seem to have been navigated to accept that psychosis is okay now and therefore accepted. All of the above are pretty much symptoms that many of our peers experience or we have experienced ourselves in some form of potency. One that stands out to me the most is the ‘lack of inside and self awareness’. 

Now this is only one of the many points of reference I can find which associate certain traits of mental illness with the current human condition.

It concerns me. I worry for the world that I once knew as a child where PAC MAN, Joust and Street Fighter where games which we played on rainy days and on the others we ran around playing dodge ball and stuck-in-the-mud. I worry about my younger brothers, cousins and my children who will be exposed to the ills of the world. It worries me that parenting is taken for granted and that an iPad is now a babies comforter making the duration of programming a lifetime for the future generations. 

There needs to be more studies done on the effects of technology and social media on the human mind to establish the causes and effects of many illnesses including depression, psychosis, autism, ADHD and many others. 

A basic solution I would suggest (although I am not a doctor note do I have any qualifications under the mental health field), is to bring human kind back to the basics. Reconnect with the fundamentals of survival and re-engage with other human beings on an emotional an deeper than current level. Stop seeking detraction from this thing called boredom and look inside your mind. 

We are sinking I to a hole of disparity and salvation comes from within one and other. 

Let’s re-connect.




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