My beautiful faith

Ouch. Stop hitting me. Smacks from the left, blows from the right, and kicks right up the keister!  I imagine that is how my faith feels.  As well as the physical torment, the emotional scars are leaving damaging side effects on my beautiful faith.  I’m not even able to stand up to protect it, shamefully.  I fear there will be no action taken… but who is expected to take this action?  Who represents me and my beautiful faith?

Lets play a game of word association.  Traditionally I say a word and you answer with the word that immediately comes to mind.

1. Terrorist – Muslim

2. ISIS – Islam

3. 9/11 – Osama Bin Laden

4. Weapons of Mass Destruction – Iraq

5. War on Terror – War on Islam

6. Extremism – Islamic

7. Bomb – Threat

8. Muslim – Arab

9. Jihad – Killing

10. Hijab – Oppression

11. Call of Duty – Game

As I sit hear writing this blog, my husband and brother play the game “Call of Duty- Black Ops 2”.  In the level “Overflow” which is set in Peshawar, Pakistan where the main language is Pashto, Farsi and Urdu, I hear random phrases of Arabic including “Qaatil” which means “kill” and a whole host of Arabic words which are in relation to the topic of the game.  I found a thread of some (not all of the translations) for you to read up.  However this leaves me puzzled… What are the Saudi’s doing in Peshawar? And why are we selling a game which glorifies shooting “terrorists” as a “Call of Duty” WHICH IS A GAME PLAYED BY ALL AGES INCLUDING CHILDREN!!

See it all has to do with word association.  The media seems to highlight Muslim’s as this “race” of people who are a threat to society due to its extensive growth, some startling statistics can be read HERE in the Independent which outlines that the Muslim population in Britain has nearly doubled since 2011.  This is important because the media wants you to feel worried about the sheer volume of Muslims living in the Queens country. An invasion you see of its resources and culture.  See the number of British pubs which have been forced to close down due to the startling increase of Muslims has began to take a toll on the British way of life as eloquently highlighted in The Daily Mail.  Muslim bashing is everywhere and the above two topics are only two examples of how my beautiful faith is being misconstrued as a threat.

Too often, I will see the most remote association to something about Islam and I will read comments from individuals who have no understanding of my beautiful faith and what the media has spent decades portraying Islam as this “alien” species. From Laurence of Arabia to American Sniper the Muslims from the East have been the evil terrorists and weak race which need the West to sort out its affairs. Frankie Boyle’s explanation the American invasion and wars in such a perfect way that we can only laugh. But the fact is true. The American invasion in the East is no more than a political agenda to rape it of its resources and destroy this ever growing faith which for some reason is a threat to the Western world?

FYI, the Muslim faith bought so much to the western world that we forget to realise that it has contributed the entire world in a way which has shaped it to what it is today.  In March 2006 the Independent which lists some of the amazing revelations Muslims had bought to the Western world including coffee, soap, the camera, parachutes, soap, chemistry (liquefaction, crystallisation, distillation, purification, oxidisation, evaporation and filtration) and so much more!

My beautiful faith is not represented by this so-called “Islamic state”. I mean these guys don’t even know how to pray, for example bowing in prostration in the WRONG direction seen HERE and HERE.  I am sick and tired of hearing that “Muslims must show their condemnation of these acts” MATE, THESE PEOPLE AIN’T MUSLIMS! Anyone can say a few words in Arabic and dress in a turban and look like a Muslim, but what concerns me is the terrifying nature of what is actually going on.

My beautiful faith for me is the personal, spiritual connection to me any my maker.  Accepting his revelations in the last testament embracing the lessons it teaches me and those around me. It endorses peace and promise of hope and spiritual oneness. Existence which unites us from life to death and after.  To allow for us to live under the guidance of gods first believer (SWS) and to accept that we must protect our spirits from corruption from evil forces and leaders of oppression.  It gives us the ability to express my belief freely and accept faiths around me, to learn from the world and to share the good that my faith has taught me.

I don’t know what version of Islam ISIS are practising but it sure ain’t the true faith, the last testament, ISLAM.



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